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Resume Building Service

Getting human resources professionals to review your job application might be the difference between success and failure. Get chosen by corporations and multinationals before you ever have an interview. Our staff of self-driven writers has extensive experience creating effective resumes for specialized industries. Get professionally crafted cover letters from CPCC-certified writers to learn more.


Writing Service for
Persuasive Cover Letters

Activate the interest of human resources specialists to analyze your job application by passing the applicant tracking system screening and closing the deal for you. Obtain professionally crafted cover letters for advice from individuals who have earned the Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) certification. Whatever your experience level, Resume Gators will help you stand out by emphasizing your fundamental advantages and areas of strength.


Writing Service for
an Influential LinkedIn Profile

Get a professionally created and customized LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and job seekers to your door quickly. Regardless of your experience level, Resume Gators aims to make you appear knowledgeable by emphasizing your essential competencies. We know the best ways to present your professional social networking profile so that human resource personnel will find it attractive.


Resume Writing
Services for Career Switch

Creating a CV from scratch while leaving a profession is necessary. Unless our writers design your resume in a way that gets you interview calls, HR managers and recruiters typically resist employing someone new and arriving from another field. Even if we lack experience, we can create compelling resumes. We use magic to make you look knowledgeable by emphasizing your primary competencies.


Writing Service for
an Entry-Level Resume

Represent yourself for a position ideally suited to you; otherwise, entry-level candidates and recent graduates may find it challenging to make this choice. Regardless of your experience level, we work magic to make you appear knowledgeable by stressing your fundamental skills and knowledge. Our team of Qualified Professional Resume Writers and Employment Coaches works tirelessly to present you in the best possible light to potential employers.


Web-Based Resume
Creation Service

You may communicate your story with recruiters through a powerful online presence while showcasing your abilities and accomplishments. In order to showcase you as the most outstanding candidate for your ideal job, Resume Gators integrates your opportunities and achievements to create a tiered structure. Display your photos and movies in various formats, including full screen, vertical, horizontal, slideshow, and thumbnails. We produce mobile-friendly, dynamic online resumes that can be seen on any device.


Service for Creating
Video Resumes

The greatest approach to getting past archaic techniques of searching for your ideal job is with a video resume. These films usually last 30 to 60 seconds and are your chance to make the greatest possible initial impression on your company. Our writers produce an engaging script based on the thorough brief you provide. You should record that script and send us the video in accordance with the advice our specialists will provide you. Practice is a must initially!


Interactive Resume
Building Services

We produce an effective CV that displays your professional background and personality in an appealing visual format. Recruiters remember images better than words, providing you an advantage. Including pictures and appealing features in your resume may advance your persona while highlighting your experience and information about the corporate. Additionally, interactive resumes boost the profile's legitimacy.


Thank You Letters
Creation Service

Congratulations on being chosen for your ideal position! Want to express gratitude to your employers for picking you as the ideal candidate? have the knowledge and abilities necessary to produce a solid, business-like thank you letter. Our staff of self-driven writers has extensive experience writing lovely Thank You Letters for your workplace. Get a thank-you letter that has been expertly prepared so that you may learn from CPCC-certified experts.


Follow-Up Letters
Writing Service

You have the chance to include any points you neglected to bring up during the meeting when you follow up with a letter following a point of contact. Thanks to Resume Gators, you may easily forward the unique Follow-Up letter to your potential employers. Our CPCC-certified writers make sure your letter expresses all you want it to and asks the inquiries you want. We use magic to format and produce the Follow-Up expert letter that secures you a detailed response.


Writing Service for
Letters of Recommendation

Writing recommendations requires a lot of focus and work since they must be professional and sincere to establish the candidate's reputation. Because Resume Gators is aware of your predicament, we offer the ideal answer. By employing specialists in the industry who are better at it than we are, our experts handle every sort of recommendation letter from the entry level to the executive level.

Work Samples Custom Written Resume

Our certified resume writers effortlessly build a job-worthy resume that gets you hired
faster and fits all the HR standards.

  • Art & Design Resume

    Give latent employers a taste of your flair and show your eye for design with professionally written and crafted art & design resume.

  • Corporate/Business

    Don't expect the same resume to work for jobs at both Google and Amazon. The company personalities are discrete; hence, your resume should be dynamic too.

  • Education Resume

    Professional occupational overview that sets the tone for your education career. The competition is fierce, but you can get an attention-grabbing resume.

  • Real Estate Resume

    Want to work in real estate and make tons of money? Our experts are equipped with the right skills to write a bullet-proof real estate resume.

  • IT Management

    Either you want to Resume Gators or transit towards the IT Management field, get professional resumes that market your skills.

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    Sign up with us and submit your detailed career brief or previous resume.

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    Our PARWCC experts will write your resume’s first draft for you to make tweaks or finalize.

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    Review your draft and request for revision, if any. Finalize it to get the final files.

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    Download your file. Now you are ready to apply for your dream job with a proficient resume.

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    Making resumes seems like such a simple task but I just couldn't find the time to get to it. Thankfully, Resume Gators helped me out, and i have to say, they went above and beyond!

    Ruby Sikes

    Media Planner

  • Hear from them!

    What Our Clients Say

    Can't believe that making a resume is so important and that i would struggle to do it on my own! The team at Resume Gators has been a lifesaver, because they helped me set up a profile on LinkedIn and wrote a cover letter for me too in under a week!

    Nikki Loeffler

    Software Engineer

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    My friends always said they'd help me out in giving my resume a fixer-upper, but they never really had the time. I was a little lost when it came to building a resume so I'm super glad I came across Tailored Resume Writer . They were very patient throughout and answered all my questions which was much appreciated!

    Cheryl C. Jones

    Marketing Director